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The Innovative and Creative Way to Model Trains

Miniature Railways began importing model trains from Germany in 1996, specialising in European models. Our range is extensive, from the major model train manufacturers to specific products from smaller manufacturers like Bicyc-LED. Our orders from Germany to South Africa are fast and efficient. We assist our customers with layout designs and then guide them through the steps of building the frame work, laying of the tracks, electrical connecting, electronic operating equipment and scenery building right through to the finished model train creation.

More About Miniature Railways

Established in 1996 Miniature Railways specialises in importing model train equipment from Germany. A complete new dimension to a fascinating hobby. By linking up with one of the biggest model train hobby outlets in Germany, Modell Center Hünerbein, my customers gain all of the advantages of buying from a large outlet with a range of over 80 different model train products and 40000 different items.

What Our Customers Experience And Gain From Trading With Miniature Railways:

• Rapid deliveries without the worry of lost parcels and the hassles of customs clearing.
• Deliveries throughout Southern Africa
• The full and extensive range of model trains and ancillary products.
• All products sold carry the manufacturer’s warrantee. All claims are taken care of.

We Also Offer Expert Advice On Model Train Operation And Layout Building:

• Layout design and planning
• Layout operation
• Electrical wiring
• Digital operation and installation
• Building of train sets from the different eras
• Choosing scenery and building of model train landscapes which includes track laying, buildings, figurines, trees, gardens, grass, flowers pot plants, water features, railway stations, railway yards, towns, villages, industrial areas, roads, railway signals lighting for buildings, streets railway areas and so much more.  
• Locomotive servicing

Model Train layouts to visit in Germany

Our Passion

For over 26 years we have been servicing and supplying our clients with only the best products from top brands the model train world has to offer. We remain consistent in our delivery, service and overall quality. We would love to hear from you.

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